How to Get Good WiFi Throughout Your House

Get Good WiFi Throughout Your HouseAs a technology that was a marvellous luxury just a few years ago, WiFi has practically become a home essential. Whether you are paying for DSL or fibre optic, making simple adjustments to your home can ensure you receive good WiFi everywhere. This in turn means you get more for your money, and makes life more convenient.

Strategic Router Placement for an Excellent WiFi Signal

Routers are not the most attractive things in the world, but if you want to enhance your signal you shouldn’t be hiding yours in a cabinet. While WiFi signals will travel through the cabinet to the extent, you are significantly reducing the power of your signal for minimal aesthetic benefits. As well as displaying your router proudly, point the antennas skywards and elevate it as much as you can. To see the full benefits across your home, place it in the middle of the house.

You also need to pay attention to your other electronics, as they too can disrupt the signal. Microwaves are key culprits, so tuck yours away in a far corner of your kitchen to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your signal. In addition, your cordless phone can play havoc with your WiFi signal. Clearly this is difficult to manage, as cordless phone are meant to be portable and convenient—just like WiFi. Take a similar approach to the microwave, but retain flexibility when it comes to walking around with your phone as you wish.

Simple Tricks for Boosting Your WiFi Signal

Technology is moving at a frighteningly fast pace, so you need to move with it if you’re going to get the most from your WiFi. If your router is getting a little old, investigate whether it is worth getting an upgrade. It is usually the case that your Internet provider can offer some guidance with this. In addition, you want to consider updating the software on your laptop or PC. If your hardware is getting a little old, invest in a dongle that can transmit the signal faster.

If you are ready to go the extra mile, look into buying a high-gain antenna. The types of high-gain antennas that will work for your home may vary between routers, so seek advice from someone who knows a lot about hardware before you spend any money. In addition, you might want to consider making the most of spare electrical outlets in your home. If there are any you do not use regularly, you can plug wireless adapters into them. This boosts the signal across various rooms, and is particularly handy if you want to keep the signal strong downstairs, but your kids need a boost upstairs.

In some cases, manually changing the channel your WiFi runs from can give your signal a much-needed boost. The chances are, if all of your neighbours are running from the same channel they were given at the point of installation, you are all vying for signal and competing against each other. Your Internet provider can help you change channel, or you can use Innsider to detect your channel and switch to another.

When you begin the signal boosting process with these tips, make sure you engage in a little maintenance work further down the line. Upgrade software every so often, reset your connection, and make sure no electronics are interrupting your WiFi signal. With little effort, you can experience excellent signal throughout your home.

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