Mistubishi Electric Multi Room Solutions

Multi Room Heat Pumps – The perfect heat pump for every room with just one outdoor unit
While a standard heat pump system requires a separate outdoor unit for every indoor unit inside the home, Mitsubishi Electric OmniCore only requires one.
Just one OmniCore outdoor unit can connect up to eight indoor units, allowing you to have individual temperature control of every heat pump in your home. This allows you to do things such as increase the temperature in the kids’ bedrooms before bedtime, or turn off the living room heat pump as you head out for dinner – it’s the ultimate in customisable comfort.

Why choose a Multi Room System?

  • From 2 to 8 room solutions
  • Whisper quiet heating and cooling
  • Style for each and every room
  • Individual temperature control
  • Clutter-free exterior with just one outdoor unit
  • Future-proof and add more units as your family grows

Which heat pumps can be connected to a Multi Room System?

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