Generator Backup Electricity

Potter Electrical can assist with safely connecting a generator to your Farm, Commercial or Residential property. Generator changeover switches are permanently installed equipment that allows for the safe input of a generator power supply in the event of electrical grid power failure.

When a property is susceptible to prolonged power outages, a backup generator can be a stopgap measure to keep essential services running during a power cut.

It is crucial that a generator changeover switch is installed to ensure safe operation. Without this switch, in the event of a power cut, your generator could feed electricity back into the grid. This is dangerous for linesmen working to restore supply and when mains power is re-established, the generator and property are vulnerable to significant electrical damage.

Potential Issues

The power supply from a generator has a reduced capacity compared to the mains power supply. This means that it will only be able to run essential services on limited circuits. When wiring a new building or rewiring, this is an important factor to consider when drawing up electrical plans.


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