Mains Power Supply Cable Laying

Potter Electrical can help with mains power supply services to your property. Normally, this would be for new builds or subdivisions where power is required to be delivered to the boundary.

Process to install mains power cables

  1. Contact Potter Electrical with a site plan.
  2. Potter Electrical liaises with Northpower and energy retailers to set up an ICP (Installation Control Point) number, which is required for a power connection and installation of a meter box. There are risks in applying for an ICP number that we can avoid through our understanding of the process.
  3. Supply is normally underground for aesthetic and safety reasons but where trenching is not possible, an overhead supply can be installed.
  4. Potter can trench and lay mains cables from the power grid to your home or commercial premises, connecting you to the electricity network.
  5. As the cable is laid, we will bury it under tape identifying the cable location and also attach signs to the building to indicate the location of entry of underground power cables.
  6. Once mains cables are laid, Potter Electrical install a switchboard to safely supply power to your property.
  7. We will need building plans to ensure that we lay the correct type of cable for the supply required to meet the customers’ requirements.
  8. Upon completion of the job, we will supply a plan showing the location of the cable installation. This is known as an “as-built plan”.


We will install cable allowing further expansion of electrical services required for equipment such as; EV chargers, air conditioning, machinery, spas and pools.

Where further development is possible, we can also consider the needs of any additional residential or commercial buildings.


Before we dig trenches, we request council plans to locate underground services such as drains, water mains, telecommunications cables and existing mains power cables.

Some developments may require higher capacity power supplies than currently available. In order to ensure a stable power supply, we will arrange a network upgrade to increase capacity.

Where ground conditions make trenching difficult, we can overcome obstacles to ensure compliance with national electricity regulations.

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