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With winter fast approaching, it’s time to make some decisions about heating your home. While it may seem overwhelming trying to decide between so many heating options, choosing the right heat pump can be made easier by considering their unique features.

Why a heat pump?

Firstly, heat pumps are incredibly efficient. Also, despite their name, heat pumps do a lot more than heating. During the warmer months they also offer air-conditioning and can control the humidity in your home.

How heat pumps work

Unlike a typical heater, heat pumps actually don’t generate heat themselves, rather, they move it, during winter transferring warm air from outside into your home, and during summer, warm air out of your home.

Because heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, they run more efficiently and cost less that typical air conditioner or gas heaters.

Heat pumps also come with unique features that other heating options can’t offer.

Health Benefits

Did you know that “living with household temperatures below 16°C can contribute to respiratory illness and premature mortality?”
In fact, the World Health Organisation recommends “a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C for healthy people, and 20°C for ‘at risk’ groups like the elderly, young children and those with respiratory illnesses. It is for these reasons that having adequate insulation, ventilation and heating in your home is vital.”

What to expect from your heat pump

Like all modern technology, heat pumps come with a variety of features. But there are basic requirements that you should look for above all others when it comes to choosing your heat pump:


When shopping around, be sure to choose a brand name that you trust. Consider the warranty on offer, the cost of installation and how long the heat pump is likely to last your family.

Energy Efficiency

Be sure to check the Energy Star rating when making your purchase. The more efficient your heat pump is the lower your annual running costs are likely to be. Spending more in the outset may even work out cheaper in the long term.


Most heat pumps are very quiet inside of the house because your fan is outside. When choosing your heat pump be sure to ask about the decibel levels. The right heat pump will make your home more comfortable rather than add problems with noise.

Why Mitsubishi Electric?

In 1968, Mitsubishi Electric released their first split-system heat pump. Since then, they have established themselves at the forefront of heat pump technology.
For New Zealand specifically this has seen industry-leading technology performing perform exceptionally well unique weather conditions, across summer and winter.
Kiwis have trusted Mitsubishi Electric for decades and we do too.

Unique Mitsubishi ElectricFeatures

Wifi Control

As New Zealand’s bitter winters approach, imagine the joy of arriving to a pre-heated home after a long day. Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control means you can adjust the temperature of your home from wherever you are (even overseas!)

Natural Airflow Technology

Say goodbye to drafty heating and cooling that either makes one room feel like an oven while the rest of your home remains freezing (or vice versa). Mitsubishi Electric’s technology produces a natural airflow that gently heats and cools the home.

HyperCore® Technology

The Mitsubishi Electric website explains that “while ordinary heat pumps produce less heat below 7 degrees, only Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore® Technology guarantees its fully rated capacity right down to -15 degrees so you get all the heat you paid for.”

As you can see, there are quite a few features to consider when it comes to choosing the best heating option for your home.

The best way to decide for sure which option is the right one for your home is to meet with one of our qualified heat pump specialists.

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