Electrical Products Guide

Potter Electrical products keep the lights, heating and products running in many businesses and homes in Northland. No matter how small or large the job is we will be there to keep you supplied with electricity and keep you humming along.

We take our clients’ needs seriously that’s why we will recommend a product that we don’t stock but know you need. We place a high value on trust and that’s why we only refer you to people we trust to handle your electrical needs efficiently and effectively.

Potter Electrical stocks a range of products from well-known brands and companies in the electrical industry. Our years of experience and expertise allowed us to choose the best.

We are with you every step of the way whether what you are looking for is a design that defines your home and your lifestyle or one that complements and lowers your overlay costs in your business.

Tell us what you need. Let’s sit down together and look into your electrical solutions. We will provide the strategy and the solution in a convenient and cost-efficient way.

Your preferred electrical products:

Electrical Automation Systems

C-Bus: Control Your Space. Control Your Life.

Enhance your lifestyle with the integration of an automation system within your home or business. A lighting, power and energy control in one, C-Bus lets you manage the entirety of your space in a cost-efficient way through one click of a button.


You’re a Lot Wiser with Wiser Control

A whole new level of innovation, Wiser Control enables you to manage the C-Bus features using the web and via any mobile device. So whether you are in your home or anywhere in the world, you have a way of controlling any electronic appliance and gadget.


Refining and Redefining Homes with Automation

A smart solution for homes, Clipsal creates an ambiance of higher comfort, convenience and security. No more wasted time going from one place to another to switch on and off anything. Control and management of your home can be right where you are standing and just a click away.

Residential Lighting


Bringing Affordable European Lighting Design into Your Home

Eglo, Fozz and Megaman – What do they all have in common? They are the leading lighting fashion houses in Europe. They are Lighting Direct’s leading suppliers and they are jazzing up homes all through Northland with statement lights that are affordable but world-class.


Redesigning Lighting to Perfection

Want an all-in-one practical solution, energy-efficient, cost saving and sustainable lighting? Manage power consumption and cost with Superlux sensor-driven lighting solutions. Switch lights on and off using movement, heat or vibration. It has top end performance and quality that goes with any kind of house design.


Convergence of Quality and Design

Sophisticated and top of the line is the name of the game with Eurotech Lighting – a long time industry player that brings the finest Italian light designs into homes including quality and reliability that is demanded by Northland weather conditions.

Commercial Lighting

Switch Gear


Whether it is for your home, commercial or industrial needs ranging from refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning or motors, PDL is a well respected and recognised brand that you can trust.


Raising Safety and Protection to the Next Level

It’s their tradition to deliver the highest quality of safety and protection in homes, commercial spaces and industrial premises. If you want products that combine protection, control, monitoring and ease-of-use then Schneideir Electric is right for the job.

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